Godcity Instruments Brutalist Jr. business card PCB distortion pedal kit

Things have been quiet on the GCI front lately, but that’s all going to change in 2017. In the meantime, here’s this thing. It’s my new business card, but it’s also a PCB that can be used to build a really cool distortion pedal based loosely on the Providence Stampede pedal I used during the You Fail Me and No Heroes eras of Converge. The kit requires basic soldering skills and $40 or so worth of parts.  Small Bear Electronics have been nice enough to put together a parts kit for us, but please feel free to order components à la carte from wherever you like.

The business card is free if you see me on the street or at a show or whatever. I’ll try to keep a few in my wallet and a few in my guitar case at all times. Alternately, they can be ordered for a nominal fee through the Deathwish e-store.

Build details can be found here.

fullsizerender img_0225